A visually-structured summary of Simplify by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood

Richard Koch is a writer I have learnt a lot from over the years.

Recently he produced an almost 600 word summary of Simplify, the book he co-wote with Greg Lockwood.

His summary can be found here –

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to produce a visually-structured summary of his text, which can be viewed via the link below.

The use of text boxes, arrows, tables and a greater number of heading levels gives an opportunity to communicate the meaning of the text in a slightly different way.

(I used to call this format a visual summary. However, since the content is still primarily focused around text, perhaps it’s more accurate to call it a visually-structured summary.)

The summary document can be viewed at this link –

Date published: September 3, 2018.
Categories: Book summary

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