Comments about my Organising Knowledge paper

“Francis has a keen mind. He knows all about Occam’s razor, rapidly getting to the nub of an issue.

When I was planning my book Dual Coding With Teachers, Francis suggested I consider adopting an approach that structured the content in a way that allows for different reading routes through it.

I learned that he had researched this strategy thoroughly and was able to offer me several important sources on this topic. The Reading Routes section at the start of my book has proven to be an important part of the book’s early success. During its construction, Francis was, again, a great help in suggesting wording and sequencing of advice.

Having impressed me, I also asked him to contribute a section on diagrams to my book. His two double-page spreads are exemplary in the clarity of both their language and visual explanation.

I am very fortunate to have met Francis and gained from his friendly and incisive collaboration.”

Oliver Caviglioli
Information designer and author of Dual Coding with Teachers (John Catt, 2019)