I provide a wide range of services to authors based around the different topics discussed on this website. They include:

  • joint planning of a book’s structure, deciding how multi-level content and reader routes can be included (where relevant)
  • feedback on a proposed book structure or draft text
  • development of content structures showing how a book works as a system (these are much more useful for readers than just providing a list of contents)
  • work on diagrams (this can include the creation of a diagram or several from your instructions as well as diagram coaching where you do most of the work but I provide some guidance and assistance)
  • development of conceptual models
  • creation of book and chapter summaries
  • development of implementation strategies to make it much more likely that readers will put in the work and get some results (for skill/capability development books).

I can work with authors at all stages of the book creation process from initial planning through to near-completion — although the earlier I can be involved in the process, the better.

And you can hire me for short 1-hour consultations as well as for more in-depth engagements.

The principles I write about can be applied just as effectively to reports, papers, presentations and online training so I’m happy to work on these forms of content too.

If you would like to have a chat about how I may be to help you, please contact me via my Contact Form.