The diagram above shows the book development methodology I’ve developed. I particularly focus on Steps 1, 2, 3 and 5 in my work with clients.

I believe it’s critical to help writers focus on doing significant preparatory work before they start writing.

Of course, the decision to write a book comes at the end of a longer decision-making process.

Services offered

I provide a wide range of services. They include:

  • a full implementation of the methodology outlined above
  • joint planning of a book’s structure, focusing on the core knowledge structures to be used, a mapping of the structure and options for content sequencing
  • feedback on a proposed book structure or draft text
  • development of content structure maps showing how a book works as a system (these are much more useful for readers than just providing a list of contents)
  • work on diagrams (this can include the creation of diagrams from your instructions as well as diagram coaching where you do most of the work but I provide some guidance and assistance)
  • development of conceptual models
  • creation of book and chapter summaries
  • development of implementation strategies for skill/capability development books to make it much more likely that readers will put in the work and get some results .

I can work with authors at all stages of the book creation process from initial planning through to near-completion — although the earlier I can be involved in the process, the better.

And you can hire me for short 1-hour consultations as well as for more in-depth work.

The principles I use can be applied just as effectively to other textual material such as reports and papers as well as to online courses and software training/support content.

I am also interested in talking to publishers who are exploring how to create non-fiction books that readers can learn more effectively from.

If you would like to have a chat about how I may be able to help you, please contact me via my Contact Form.

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