Case studies are one of the most effective ways of showing your customers and prospects the results you can deliver.

If your competitors use case studies, it’s essential that you use them to get your story over too. If they don’t, that gives you a big advantage.

Why use case studies

Prospective buyers are searching for information that will give them confidence that a business can deliver the results they want to achieve.

Case studies are a powerful way of delivering that proof because:

  • they tell a story so they tend to be more interesting than most marketing materials
  • they focus on the results that a product or service has delivered, which is what many prospective buyers really want to find out about
  • they provide an external endorsement by customers as they go on the record about the benefits they have received
  • they provide detailed information about the decision-making process a customer has gone through to choose the product and why it was superior to its competitors
  • they can be used in so many different ways.

How to use case studies

There are numerous ways you can use your case studies (either in the full version or a summary):

  • in a customer success section on your website
  • as a blog post
  • in presentations
  • as a press release
  • in brochures and booklets
  • as an article in your e-newsletter
  • in sales conversations or as something to leave behind after a sales visit
  • in a media article
  • at trade shows
  • in a webinar
  • in a sales video
  • in proposals or grant applications
  • in your annual report.


I have been self-employed since 1999 and since then have worked for both businesses and non-profit organisations.

A great deal of my work has focused on writing, including articles, proposals, fundraising documents and website copy – as well as case studies.

I now focus mainly on writing case studies. I am also writing a course on helping people to read non-fiction books more effectively. See 80/

I live in London.

My experience prior to becoming self-employed included:

  • being one of the four founders of the first environmental unit trust in the UK (then the Merlin Ecology Fund, now the Jupiter Ecology Fund)
  • setting up a small publishing company
  • being one of the first three employees of the New Economics Foundation
  • writing articles for various publications, including two national ones.

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